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Are you a Folsom wine aficionado looking to level-up your wine tasting game? Maybe you’re feeling ready to graduate from, “Ooh, that tastes good!” to “Ah yes, this is clearly oak barrel fermented Chardonnay with floral notes and a dry finish.” If so, then there’s an easy way to build your knowledge and your palate: Take notes! In fact, no matter where you fall on the vino knowledge spectrum, jotting down your thoughts and impressions can be a great strategy to help you better remember and recognize your favorite wines!
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Wine Tasting

 We’re in wine country after all, and what’s the cherry on top of a Northern California day besides enjoying a glass of wine?

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 – How to Take Wine Tasting Notes Like a Pro –

Why Take Notes?

Taking notes during a wine tasting can be a great way to boost your knowledge and appreciation of wines.

By keeping tabs on different flavors, textures, aromas, and viscosities (all of which make each bottle unique), you can build an appreciation for wine in all its varieties.

You can take any notes you like, of course – they’re just for you, after all – but, for beginner sommeliers looking for guidance on how best to get started, try some of these tips!

Start with the Essentials

First, note all the main details of each bottle you encounter during a wine tasting. Listing out its identifying markers can make it much easier to remember later.

Note things like:

  • Winemaker
  • Wine’s full name
  • Vintage
  • Region where the wine originated
  • Alcohol percentage
  • Price
  • Anything else about the bottle that jumps out at you

Aromas and Flavors

When you’re sipping wine, your senses take charge and things can feel a little… vague at first. Taking notes helps put your experience into exact words.

Break down all the different scents and tastes like you’re piecing together a puzzle – look for both the subtle hints and the strong blasts of flavor. Perhaps you taste berry or citrus. But what kind of berry? What kind of citrus? Be as specific as you like.

And don’t forget to document how the aromas and flavors change over time within the same bottle!

Finding the Right Words

From tart and tangy to smoky and sweet, there’s an entire world of flavor waiting for you in every glass of wine.

Wine tasting can seem daunting at first, but learning some key description words is a great way to get more comfortable with identifying all the structural elements. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Dry
  • Acidic
  • Earthy
  • Fruity
  • Smooth
  • Woody
  • Sweet

See how many of these you can identify during the wine tasting. And feel free to think outside the box with your creative descriptions in order to easily identify each note you’re noticing!

The Big Finish

Enjoying a glass of wine doesn’t just mean sipping and savoring the flavor at the beginning – discovering its finish can be equally rewarding.

A wine’s “finish” refers to the length of time it lingers on your palate. Generally speaking, richer finishes signal higher quality wines.

You can start simple: does the wine have a short finish? A medium? Or maybe even a long finish?

Going beyond that, you can also note what kind of aftertaste you experience: tingly and tart for light whites, or soft and smooth for reds? How about freshness from juicy rosés? Whether subtle or strong, jot down what you think of the sip’s big finish!

After tasting and taking notes on various wines, wrap it all up with your personal summary.

Many people find it useful and helpful for summarizing those final thoughts with some type of rating system; whether it be stars, wine glasses, numbers out of 10, or even some whimsical emojis – whatever works for you!

No matter where you’re at in your journey as a Folsom wine enthusiast, taking notes can help you level-up your wine tasting game!

So take out your pen and paper, pop open a bottle of Tiger Lily, and start jotting down some notes!

Or better yet, stop by Sierra Vista Vineyards & Winery for an afternoon of sun n’ sipping.

Not only do we boast our own collection of fine wines, but we also showcase a carefully curated array of varietals from all corners of the globe.

We’ve been wowing wine enthusiasts with our award-winning vintages year after year. Our legacy of premium grapes combined with the expert craftsmanship of our expert winemakers produce special, hand-crafted wines of unparalleled quality.

Come and see us for yourself and discover why we are one of the longest-running wineries in the Sierra Foothills. Cheers!

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We’ve been wowing wine enthusiasts with our award-winning vintages year after year. Our legacy of premium grapes combined with the expert craftsmanship of our expert winemakers produce special, hand-crafted wines of unparalleled quality.

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​Over 45 years ago, Sierra Vista pioneered the way for the Sierra Foothills when it purchased it’s property in 1972.  Once the land was cleared, the first vineyard was planted in 1974. The topography, soils and altitudes in the vineyard create varied micro climates consistent with some of the best known grape growing regions of the world including Côtes du Rhône, Bordeaux and Burgundy. After 3 years of production, construction and wine making, the winery was open for business in 1977 as one of the first El Dorado County wineries in modern day history. Sierra Vista have been creating award winning wines year after year. Today, the legacy of their premium grapes together with fine artisan wine making produce quality hand crafted wines and maintains its status as one of the oldest continuing run wineries in all of the Sierra Foothills.




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