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2022 Bottling notes from the Winemaker

Aug 4, 2022 | Wines

This is a very exciting time of year for us at Sierra Vista. The grapes are starting to go through verasion, all of our bottlings are done for the year, and we actually have a little time to get prepared for harvest to come. As for our most recent bottling, we are happy to announce the we have bottled our first vintage of Picpoul Blanc, and it’s quickly becoming a staff and wine club favorite. We also bottled an Elevation White wine. Which is the sister wine to our Elevation Red blend. It’s a unique blend of Chardonnay, Roussanne, Viognier, and Sauvignon Blanc. Along with that, our 2020 Tiger Lilly and Sierra Vista Red wines were also bottled, but will lay down about a year or so before being released. As we are keeping a close eye on the vineyards, we can see the grapes changing in color and ripeness on a day to day basis. This is the process of Verasion, where the grapes start to turn color, the skins begin to soften, and the sugar levels start to increase. We will soon be testing the sugar, and acid levels on each vineyard block on almost a daily basis. But until it is time for that, we have a brief period, a short couple of weeks, where we can plan and and prepare for the much anticipated 2022 harvest.