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Enjoy winter scenery in our wine-tasting pods

Jan 27, 2022 | Things To Do

It’s still winter in the Sierra Foothills, and although we’re expecting it to warm up soon, it’s still pretty cold. At least, it’s cold to us here in California. It might surprise those of you who are living in the cold Northeast or the snowy Midwest, but here, we consider 40 degrees to be winter-coat weather.

That said, we still love nothing better than to sit outside in our coats, enjoying a glass of wine and the naturally beautiful scenery of the Sierra Foothills: clear pods where you can enjoy the winter scenery without freezing, and with a glass of our famed California wines. Enjoy a glass or two of wine while enjoying the Sierra Vista scenery. It may be cold outside, but you can still enjoy the beauty that Northern California has to offer. Here are the reasons you should enjoy a pod soon!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Even in the winter, the Sierra Foothills are gorgeous. The temperature can vary this time of year, reaching freezing at the peaks – and even getting some snow. In the valley, it’s usually about sixty degrees. It’s also crisp and green. You wouldn’t even know it was winter without the bare decidual trees.

Combine that with the mountainous landscape that scrapes the cloud cover, and you’ve got stunning views that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Being cold, it’s great to enjoy it by a firepit with a glass or wine or some hot food.

While fire pits are awesome, we wanted to give our guests a warm experience while they visit our grounds, enjoying the Sierra Foothills without a chilly winter breeze or smoke in their eyes. That’s partly where our pods come in. Another reason is …

Social distancing

No one wants to get sick. Even when we’re not living in unpredictable times, winter anywhere means everyone’s looking for places to go to escape the cold, rain, and/or snow. While that’s natural, that often means getting sick when we’re in closed, indoor spaces.

Preventing the spread of germs is part of the reason we came up with these pods in the first place. Guest can enjoy a glass of wine, a hot slice of pizza, or both with their own party, and without everyone else in the area breathing on them!

Not only do the pods provide some safety, but they also provide some intimacy and personal space. During your stay, enjoy the views of the Sierra Foothills in a cozier, snug pod that’s all your own.

Each of Sierra Vista’s pods also has a slight theme for a varied experience. Pods can accommodate up to 4-6 guests and has a slightly different aesthetic. Paw prints lead you to the Tiger’s Den which seats six, and our cozy cabernet chalet seats 4 and has a rustic California feel.

Delicious wines

Besides the warmth and comfort of the pods in the Sierra Foothills, there’s the main event: wine. We’re in wine country after all, and what’s the cherry on top of a day Northern California besides enjoying a glass of wine?

We offer many exclusive varietals and blends, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel. You can buy them by the glass, purchase a bottle to share with friends, or purchase a wine tasting a try a variety.

Our pods fill up fast, so be sure to treat yourself and your friends to an experience in the Sierra Foothills you’ll never forget! Reserve your pod today!