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What’s NEW Around the Tasting Room

Sep 21, 2023 | Wines

Lots of great things happening as always! First off, we have a many new releases on the menu. Two, in particular that we’re excited to share are our new White Grenache and Un-Oaked Chardonnay. Our Un-Oaked Chardonnay was recently chosen as THE TOP Chardonnay in all of the Sierra Foothills by the Foothills Wino, Guy Tucker. The White Grenache is a unique wine, which has even been described as a unicorn wine. “not to be confused with a Grenache Blanc or Grenache Rose’. This wine is not only novel, it’s a unicorn. It is the serendipitous result of incredibly good fruit from old vines, tremendous skill and know how, freedom to operate without confines and a whole lot of blind luck” – Foothills Wino. We are looking forward to seeing how you like these.

We’ve also successfully kicked off our food and wine cocktail options each weekend, Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 11-4pm & Sunday 11-4pm. Our new Chef Erica, has been creating some great combinations for you that we’ve paired with some fun and creative wine cocktails. We’ve recently hosted a couple of piano nights in the event room and will be adding more dates as the season changes to host fun events indoors. We hope you, your family and friends are able to visit us soon to enjoy all the great things we work hard at sharing with you!

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