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Winter in the Winery

Jan 11, 2023 | Wines

Winter time in the winery is the time of year where we can get our first clear look at the
wines from the last year’s harvest. We are in the process of racking the young wines for the first
time, and we are already excited with how the wines are tasting so young in their life. All of our
2022 whites and roses will be bottled in May, and will be ready by the summer. Perfect timing for
your summer enjoyment. During this time of year our vineyards go dormant for the winter, and
are in a sense sleeping until they start to feel the warmth of spring time. As we are looking at the
growing conditions to start the year we can’t help but feel optimistic about 2023 having the
potential to be a great vintage year. We’ve already had an unprecedented amount of rainfall
which will give the vines a great boost to start the growing season. All this rain is also great for
seeding our cover crop in between our vineyard rows. The cover crop helps to choke out
invasive weeds and also puts nutrients back in the soil to help keep our old vines healthy and